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Dr. Trent Iverson's chiropractic experience began at a young age. At five years old, his mom took him to their family chiropractor in order to help with his sleepwalking problem. Two weeks after visiting his chiropractor, young Dr. Trent was not sleepwalking anymore.

"I have been raised in a family that has always gone to a chiropractor," states Dr. Trent. "My mom has Meniere's disease and used to suffer from dizzy spells. After seeing numerous medical doctors, she was helped naturally by a chiropractor."

Now, Dr. Trent continues to have a family that regularly sees a chiropractor. He was so inspired by the life changes that his family experienced, as well after his recovery after a car accident in high school, that he decided to pursue the career himself.

"The chiropractic career made the most sense for me," said Dr. Trent.
Soon after graduating from Northwestern College of Chiropractic, Dr. Trent decided to team up with Dr. Hugh and Dr. Scott and open Bandana Chiropractic and Wellness Center in 1999.

"Our focus is to let the body heal itself," explains Dr. Trent. "That is essentially how God designed our bodies."

With the natural healing power happening here at Bandana, many patients begin to notice that their medications may be unnecessary. "We've helped women that were having trouble getting pregnant, patients with unbearable heartburn, and we even seen a diabetic man's glucose levels diminish," explains Dr. Trent. "Miracles happen here everyday."

Restoring the proper function of the body through chiropractic and wellness, allows patients to experience their life on a healthier level.

"The most beneficial part of chiropractic care is the healing power, and that there are no side effects," states Dr. Trent. "It unleashes the inborn healing potential."  

Hugh 2 b_1.jpg Hugh_Weight_loss.jpg
         Dr. Hugh in high school before losing weight. 
                                                                                 His nick name was "Huge".

As a teenager in high school, Dr. Hugh Wegwerth suffered from weight problems. After a trip to the Boundary Waters, he made a life-changing commitment to himself.

"I decided I was going to change my life. My father was 430 pounds and he was told the only help he could receive was from drugs and surgery. I didn't want to end up like that, so I wanted to lose weight the healthy way. In the first three days, I lost ten pounds. Eventually, I ended up losing 80 pounds in total by eating natural foods," explains Dr. Hugh. "It is important to understand that if Mother Nature didn't put it on the planet, you should not be consuming it."

Through his experience of becoming healthy naturally, Dr. Hugh was inspired to go into a natural wellness field.
"Chiropractic care and wellness just fell into my lap," states Dr. Hugh.

He graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic and soon after opened Bandana Chiropractic with Dr. Scott and Dr. Trent. Their goal was to help people allow their bodies to heal themselves by offering affordable wellness care, so that people can have continual care.

"I believe that our success has come from our willingness to go help people and educate them on what it takes to be well," explains Dr. Hugh. "I give the same recommendations for my patients that I would give my mom, sister, and other family members."

Within the last eight years, many patients have grown close to Dr. Hugh. He has been fortunate to witness many miracles within the walls of Bandana Chiropractic.

"One of my first patients, Lisa, before coming here, had never experienced her menstrual cycle naturally. Her first two daughters were chemically induced. Within the first month of getting adjusted she received her first natural period," explains Dr. Hugh. "After a few months of adjustments, Lisa pulled me into a room and started bawling. She told me that she was pregnant."

Life changing experiences like Lisa's continue to happen at Bandana Chiropractic daily.

"I love helping people and I enjoy coming here everyday," states Dr. Hugh. "Others inspire me."


Growing up, Dr. Scott Halida watched as both of his parents were healed from their pain by their family chiropractor. After suffering from sports-related elbow and shoulder injuries at the age of 16, Dr. Scott was encouraged by his mother to turn to chiropractic care. After positive results, he began to refer his clients to chiropractors during his personal training career. He noticed that people who were adjusted got better results in the gym. Through these epiphanies, Dr. Scott was inspired to focus on chiropractic care, physical therapy, and nutrition.

Now, a husband and father of three, Dr. Scott has been actively involved in chiropractic care in the greater Saint Paul area since Dr. Trent, Dr. Hugh, and himself began Bandana Chiropractic and Wellness Center in 1999.

"True chiropractic care is a function based way to look at health," explains Dr. Scott. "It is a more global picture."

While many people seek medications for their body, they should be turning to care with which your body heals itself.

"People need to get off the fixation that no symptoms equals no problems. Cancer and heart disease are just two of many examples that symptoms may not show up for months or years while the disease is spreading," states Dr. Scott. "Many years ago people turned to natural healing of the body and laughed at the people who went town to town with their potions. Now, it is the opposite. The United States alone makes up five percent of the world, but consumes 65 percent of the world's medications. The paradigm we have in the United States today is ruining us."

According to the World Health Organization, the United States' ranking in health has been on a steady decrease over the past 50 to 100 years. Dr. Scott recommends that in order to change this, people need to go back to their roots and try living a healthier lifestyle.

"We need to take responsibility for our own health and not push it on others. We accomplish this by being healthy role models and having a positive attitude, so that we may encourage each other."

Dr. Scott actively seeks out to others by acting as a role model through chiropractic care and wellness.

"Seeing the positive changes in patients reaffirms that this is what I should be doing," says Dr. Scott. "Amazing things happen here all the time."

Dr. Scott's family pictures

3 kids and wife


Dr Scott's 3 kids


Dr. Scott's wife and son Jackson


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