Have You Injured a Disc in Roseville?

disc injury can be helped by a chiropractor

Is surgery the only option to treat herniated discs? Or are there non-intrusive methods, such as chiropractic care in Roseville, to overcome back pain from herniated discs?

It's true that some people have disc herniation so severe that surgery is the best solution. However, for most people, surgery should be a last resort.

Your First Step to Treating a Herniated Disc in Roseville

Even a single herniated disc can put you out of commission, forcing you to change important things in your life: how you sleep, how you work, how you socialize. Your mood, relationships, and your overall health all suffer. It's tempting to consider surgery as a "quick fix", but that quick fix can have lasting consequences.

Non-Surgical Options for Treating Herniated Disc

Back surgery can result in many potential risks, such as permanent nerve damage, infection, and - in up to 20 percent of patients - actually does not resolve the original problem.

Before you decide on back surgery, get a second opinion from the doctors at the Bandana Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

We want to end your pain, but even more importantly, we want to help your nerves do their job of maintaining health throughout your body. Surgery can damage nerves, which ultimately cuts off life to vital organs and physiological function.

Visit us for a personalized assessment and treatment plan to address your herniated disc and to restore alignment to your spine and health to your nervous system.

Your assessment and treatment may include spinal manipulation using a technique called flexion-distraction. We gently stretch the spine to "decompress" the problem area and restore the disc to its proper position, thereby removing the condition causing you pain.

But that's just one option that doesn't involve surgery. Your friendly Bandana chiropractor (meet the docs here) will develop a personalized treatment program just for you.

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