Feeling Run Down? How to Get More Energy

November 14, 2017


There's nothing better than feeling energized, right? But we don't always feel alert and on top of our game. So in those times when we're struggling with low energy, how can we get more energy? 


Think back to this morning when you woke up. As soon as your eyes opened, you were alert with magnificent, powerful energy. You were precise and awake. You had keenness about you. You had a certain strength and clarity. That is the optimal energy flowing through you.


Guess what? The energy source never changed, but the expression of that energy source changed.


“The sun is always shining. Sometimes clouds just block our view.”


Your energy, your aura, your life force, your pizzazz - whatever you'd like to call it -  is always shining. Many things interfere with this energy source, like clouds blocking our view of the sun. But it's still there, waiting behind the 'clouds' of emotions, aches, and stress.


The key to tapping into this energy source is to clear those clouds that block our connection with the energy source.


The magnificent power within the brain reaches out to all cells, tissues and organs in the body with life force that is undetectable at times, unnoticeable, something not quantitatively evaluated.


Clearing Energy Blocks with Chiropractic Adjustment

Let's get geeky for a second with some technical terms. The one major identifiable interference source in chiropractic terms is vertebral subluxation.


Vertebral subluxation is a condition where something is "out of whack" in your spine and nervous system. It interferes with the life force and energy that travels from brain to body, tissue, cell and organ. If there is interference in that energy source, that magnificent power, feeling and euphoria when we wake up in the morning cannot be achieved because the body was unable to rest at the level that it should.


Chiropractic correction of the vertebral subluxation will change a life by re-establishing a harmony and balance of this energy from brain to tissue, cell and organ. If this point can be expressed properly to the individual man, woman and child, that feeling of alertness, euphoria and precision as we wake in the morning will be a seven-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year occurrence.


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