Are you really sick - when you are sick?

January 30, 2018


At times when you are talking with your friend, your friend might say, “Yeah, I’m staying home today. I’m sick.” Your response might be, “What is wrong?” “Well,” he might say, “I have a fever. I am coughing, sneezing, and my stomach hurts.”

Society looks at this as “sickness.” The truth is that it really isn’t “sickness” at all. It is “wellness.” Now you might ask, “How can you look at fever, cough, sniffles and a stomach ache as being well?”


First, you must understand what each of these symptoms is.


Long before the word “sickness” was ever developed, God created the immune system. It is an intricate method, placed in the human body, to ward off and defend from outside invaders (i.e., toxins, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, etc.). When a body is attacked by one of these outside invaders — for example, a virus — the human body’s normal response is to defend itself against the virus in various ways. First, the innate intelligence of the body will raise the temperature, create congestion, produce coughing, and at times, a stomachache.


•Fever is necessary because the virus is unable to survive excessive heat. Therefore, the intelligence that God put in the body, which works through the brain and spinal cord, increases the temperature to immobilize or kill the virus. AT 102 DEGREES BACTERIA ARE KILLED



  • Congestion is produced by the body’s mucous system. It literally surrounds and protects (like laying a blanket over it), so that the virus does not continue to spread.

  • Then, the body sends out little scavengers to kill the virus.


Through the heat, congestion and the scavengers, the virus is immobilized or killed. Therefore, the intelligence of the body saves itself from ultimate destruction or death.


Sneezing and coughing is the body expelling the dead virus, congestion, mucous, and all the other things that came along when the body responded to an external invader. You see, the truth is all of this is not “sickness,” it is actually the body’s ability to defend and heal itself. Yes, “sickness” is when the innate intelligence of the human body, which expresses itself through the brain and spinal cord, does NOT properly respond to the invader. The invader then enters the body and creates serious damage. That is true “sickness.”


So, the next time you have a cough, fever, sniffle, ache or pain, remember it is the body defending itself. Leave it alone! Get adjusted! Get some rest, and allow the God given intelligence within your immune system do the healing that it is supposed to do.

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