Power of the Mind to Heal

February 21, 2018


Today, many “hot topics” in the press and medical research are on the mind-body connection. Many of us in the community have read at least one article on the power of our mind to heal, not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual level as well.


Many patients say, “If I think good thoughts, I am sure I will heal,” or, “If I am positive, I know my body can do the job.”


The truth is, research scientists and doctors have proven scientifically that the mind has the ability to heal the body.


But how does the mind communicate the healing message

to a specific organ or tissue?


Well, as many of you already know and understand, all messages are passed via the nervous system, through the spine to the necessary recipient. In short, chiropractic adjustments remove the interference from mind to body and body to mind. Keeping your spine aligned keeps your body responsive both physically and spiritually.


The bottom line is: When the spine is out of alignment, vertebral subluxation occurs. This condition stops communication from brain to tissue cell. Because mind-to-body healing must travel through this intricate and delicate information highway, all interference must be removed. As we give chiropractic adjustments to you, your family and your friends, we are doing just that! We are simply removing the interference.


Remember, give this information to a friend or neighbor. Take the time to tell others and help with the “mission” to change the world through this all natural chiropractic approach: physically, chemically, emotionally and spiritually.



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