February 27, 2018

As you read the word “disease,” the first thing that goes through your mind is someone is sick. They have heart problems, lung failure, kidney disease, stomach difficulties, AIDS, etc.


Medicine looks at disease as something that attacks us from outside in, almost as if someone was standing around a corner, jumped out, and attacked you. As a result, you were struck with a heart attack. When the body is diseased, the doctor looks at the disease as a single entity or event and at the human body as a bunch of pieces parts. He then treats that disease. If this has been your understanding of “disease,” it is time you know that there is new research proving this concept false!


Doctors have two basic concepts regarding the treatment of disease. The first concept uses medication (antibiotics, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.). This is obviously an “outside in” technique. The second concept uses the treatment of surgery (repair or removal of the organ, muscle, tissue, etc.) — again, “outside in” technique.


The NEW “disease” concept literally looks at sickness or unhealthiness, as “dis-ease” (lack of ease). God put a very powerful system in the human body called the “immune system” that is controlled and powered by the nervous system. Chiropractors, with the new and proper “healthcare thought process,” find sickness/disease not to “attack” from the outside in, but literally resulting from a lack of the ease or proper function within the nervous system. The immune system, when functioning improperly, causes improper rebuilding of tissue cells. Over time, this results in organ malfunction, causing symptoms and ultimately the area of cells and/or tissue suffers premature death.


This powerful thought process requires simply understanding that our body is a self-healing organism. And the answer to all dis-ease is already within the body. We basically need to look for, detect, identify, correct and remove the interference. Only then will we establish “ease” in the body, resulting in a long, healthy and full life.


Chiropractors parallel this concept. What has been discovered is that the cause of dis-ease in the nervous and immune systems is a condition called vertebral subluxation. This is when the spinal column literally shifts out of position, choking off vital life force and nerve energy from the brain to the body. Chiropractic adjustments correct this subluxation, and ease returns to the immune and nervous system, and ultimately the result is “health”!



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