Doc, It Hurts Right There...

April 3, 2018

Whatever you focus on expands. Such a simple, easy and truthful idea. Think about it. When you are thinking about getting a new car, you start noticing that car everywhere you go. So why is it so hard for most of us to get this simple concept? If we want love, abundance and wellness, why not focus on love, abundance and wellness?


Our minds are so trained to think and talk about the problems of the world that breaking that habit becomes tough. When telling your story always talk and focus on the stuff you want to show up, not the stuff you don’t want to show up.


If you want wellness, talk and think about all the things that are working on your body. Call you friends and say, “Hey I am so happy today! My vision is clear.”


Think about going to the doctor. You’ve been programmed that when you go to the doctor, you tell him/her where it hurts and talk about all your problems each time and you expect the doctor or drug to do the healing. The truth is the ONLY thing that ever does the healing is YOU! Talking about pain and limitations is fine if you want SICK CARE, but we are in the business of HEALTH CARE in our office, not sick care.


That’s why we want you focused on Healing when you come in. We expect miracles each time you come in because we know that your body is a walking, talking miracle machine. We know that your incredible body knows more about how to heal you in one second than all the doctors in the world will ever know. Our job is to locate the areas of interference in your nerve system, remove said interference and let the best doctor in the world- Dr. YOU, go to work.


So instead of talking about where it hurts and chasing symptoms (sick care), let’s focus on and speak healing when you come in, because that’s what we want to grow!


There are so many good things in our lives — way more good things than bad — but all we talk about and worry about are all the problems. We must stop torturing ourselves and start talking about the good stuff and ignore the bad. We may just notice miracles popping up everywhere. It is a proven thing, thoughts and words are energy. Start creating good energy by telling a good story! 



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