The American Countdown...

May 15, 2018


1 in 10 kids are on a psychotropic medication

1 in 9 Adults over 20 years old have diabetes

1 in 8 Deaths are NOT considered preventable (the rest are)

1 in 7 Adults or more are on cholesterol drugs (goggle those side effects)

1 in 6 Kids are considered developmentally disabled

1 in 5 Pre-adolescents are obese

1 in 4 Women are on an anti-depressant

1 in 3 Americans get cancer

1 in 2 People die from their first symptom of heart disease....a heart attack.


The reality is, "I am a statistic." It is not about becoming one, it is about realizing I am one right now....the question is, which one am I? No one wants to be the "ONE." If I am going to be the "ONE," I am going to be the one that lives in the balance of the equation. I want to be one of the 4 of the 5 that doesn't......or the 7 of 8, or the 1 in 2 that you don't hear about because I don't "get it," what ever "it" is. 77% of cancers are preventable (many studies suggest it’s even higher).


7 out of 8 deaths are preventable. That means 7 out of 8 people are suffering and dying early and unnecessarily. Be the statistic that no one hears about, the one that goes through life living fully, happily, and enjoying a long and healthy, vibrant life.


How much more will you be, contribute, or offer your family and the world by committing to being healthy, happy, clear minded, and the best version of yourself? We can always improve. There is no upper limit to health, happiness and fulfillment.....but there is a lower limit for sure....don't go there.


Be proactive!


Take control of your health! Learn what you need to in order to stand out from the pack. Be accountable and responsible for your own fate and health and the health of your children. Set your kids up right with the appropriate priorities and example of how to live a whole and healthy life. Seek help BEFORE the need is apparent, and take action when it is.


Don’t do what the majority does and wait until it’s an emergency. At that point you feel pressure and will not make informed sound decisions.


Don't make excuses, don't accept the status quo, do not fall victim to moderation, and don't settle for good enough. your LIFE depends on it and you can achieve more! We all can do better!



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