Can’t All of Your Bones Go Out of Position?

June 12, 2018

During an adjustment, a patient asks, “You must have literally hundreds of bones in your body. Don’t they all suffer from weight and gravity pressure?” The chiropractor responds, “Yes.” And the patient remarks, “Then why don’t we need to constantly maintain all of our joints and have them continuously looked at by a chiropractor?”


This is a very inquisitive question that has a two- or three-part answer. The first part is simply that as we stand in gravity all day long. There are many joints that have pressure whether we are standing, sitting, bending over, playing sports and all of the other things that require movement of the joints in the body. The key point to the question was whether all of our joints fall apart. The first answer to this question — and probably the most important — is that all bones have pressure on them. There is only one section of the body, however, where this pressure creates misalignment. It controls the health of every tissue, organ and cell in the body, and that is obviously the spinal column.


You see, when an ankle joint goes out of position, the only effect you will feel is pressure on that joint, which will create discomfort and over time will create degeneration of that joint. The spine, however, when it misaligns (subluxates), becomes a very destructive problem in the human body because we are dealing with the nerves. In between every vertebra in our spine is a joint, but at the same, there is a nerve that exits. When the spine misaligns and becomes disoriented or subluxated, you now have interference to a nerve.


When the nerve experiences interference, it becomes irritated and can result in spasm to a muscle, which produces inflammation to the soft tissue structure surrounding it. And ultimately, there is a cycle of nerve irritation to an organ. If we only had a pinched nerve that created pain, it would be a very minimal situation. Daily weight, gravity and activities to the human spine create irritation to the nervous system, which controls every function of our body. Consequently, the spinal column has the only joints in the human body that can misalign and create nerve interference to an area or an organ, which then ultimately will create disease.


Our problem with individual bodies is that we are not sure what is considered everyday wear and tear for your body compared to mine or compared to your mother’s. There is a certain form of everyday wear and tear that the body absorbs and rebuilds as you sleep at night. Many people don’t realize that the purpose for sleep is for the body to have time to do nothing but rebuild tissue cells that were traumatized during the day. As long as there was a minimal amount of breakdown, there could be maximum or complete re-healing as we sleep at night.

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