Rant Warning..WAKE UP AMERICA!

July 24, 2018


The USA ranks 60th in maternal mortality rates world wide.


There are 59 other countries who do a better job at keeping moms alive through childbirth.


The USA ranks 55th in infant mortality....yes, 54 other countries are doing a better job at keeping their babies alive through childbirth.


A mom is 466% more likely to die in childbirth than her baby while 98% of those deaths are preventable. That is double to TRIPLE the rate from 1996.

Globally that is one mommy every 2 minutes losing her life from complications we know how to prevent with 59 other countries doing better than the mighty US of A.


Cesarean rates in the US are at 38.2% as of 2012 with some states and hospitals over 50%. That is up over 600% from 1970, and up 90% from 1996.

Induced labors have more than doubled from 1990 to 2010.

Fetal ultrasounds are so common that you can not even find stats on how many people use them, or don't for that matter.


Vaccine numbers have risen dramatically in a similar fashion with an estimated 97% of school age kids today receiving all the shots the government tells them to get.


We as a nation, culture and medical system are failing miserably when it comes to childbirth and children's health with an estimate near 40% of school age children with a chronic health condition, 1 in 50 with Autism, 1 in 5 considered developmentally disabled and a predicted 1 in 3 adults to be diabetic by 2050 implying many of them are kids now or not even born yet.


I know, I know, every mom out there who had a child by C-section, had an ultrasound, induced their labor, had a vaccine or gave their kids one, or managed to walk away from the delivery room with both mom and baby intact all have perfectly healthy, happy, well adjusted little Americans for it. Of course you do, not my point.


I just don't get it, and KNOW we can do BETTER, much better.


Having had 3 kids now, each born in a different country, not a single fetal ultrasound, all at home with no medical intervention and to date enjoy an 18, 16 and 9 year old who have managed to live thus far in 3 countries, 4 states, public and private schools and still no vaccines, anti-biotics, medications, surgeries or a single well visits to a pediatrician.


Either my wife and I are WAY off the mark or the US is. I am not saying we are perfect or have it all figured out but, as it stands, I will take my stats over theirs ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!


Raise your standards America! Heighten your awareness and take your health and the health of your children into your own hands. It is your fate at the end of the day after all.


Thanks for listening,

Dr. Don Clum


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