Flies, Dirt, and Germs: Explaining Disease to Kids

Flies, Dirt, and Germs: Explaining Disease to Kids in Roseville

Flies, Dirt, and Germs: Explaining Disease to Kids

How do you talk to kids about the "dark side" of human health?

Here is an answer to a question from a mom about how to talk to her children about germs, sickness, disease, and vaccination.

The advice was to help her children understand their amazing immune system and how well it works more than the disease process, but also to try something like this:

Which garbage can has flies swarm around it a dirty one or a clean one?

I bet you've seen a smelly, old garbage can with lots of flies buzzing around it. It's stinky and gross, right?

Flies love that garbage can. Do you know why? Because that's how they eat. It's where they live and make friends. And it's their job to help transform that garbage back into the soil that once again becomes part of the earth.

Flies don't create the garbage, do they?

No, they don't.

The flies are just helping nature take its course.

It's the same in our bodies. Sometimes we hear about germs and disease. But just like flies don't make the garbage, germs don't cause disease.

Both flies and germs are scavengers whose job is to clean up dirty and unhealthy places.

Flies and germs can't live in clean and healthy places because there is nothing for them to eat. Without germs to clean things up, our world would become so dirty that we couldn't live here anymore.

Which person, do you think, is more likely to get sick? The person who takes care of his or her body and mind through a healthy diet, exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic care? Or the person who doesn't pay attention to their health at all?

Remember being healthy starts BEFORE you have a symptom.

By doing everything you can do to stay healthy, you don't have to worry much about germs at all! Contact Bandana Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Roseville if you have any more questions about talking to children about human health!

"If the Germ Theory of disease were true, no one would be alive to believe it." ~ BJ Palmer

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