Suffering From Sciatica?

our chiropractic clinic helps sciatica pain

1 in 4 people will experience sciatic nerve pain in their lifetime. Even worse: it can return without proper treatment.

That sharp pain the shoots from your lower back down into leg just might be from stress on the sciatic nerve.  Are you ready to find out how chiropractic care in Roseville can help you overcome sciatica?

What Causes Sciatic Pain Pain in Roseville

Pressure on the lumbar nerve roots from herniated discs, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, or other abnormalities of vertebrae cause pain along the sciatic nerve.

These conditions cause the spine to compress part of the nerve resulting in pain and numbness. The pain, left untreated, can last for weeks on end.

Sciatic Pain: A Red Flag for Help

The tingling, pain, and numbness you experience from the inflammation of the sciatic nerve indicates more serious issues in your body. If you experience sciatic pain, you actually may be experiencing any of these conditions:

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