Neuropathy Relief Via State-of-the-Art Low-Level Light Treatments

Find out more about our drug-free non-invasive completely painless neuropathy pain relief

protocol, clinically proven to significantly reduce or eliminate severe neuropathy pain and

inflammation. This treatment has no known side effects and an excellent success rate.

Provides relief of persistent neuropathy symptoms such as:

  • • Throbbing

  • • Burning

  • • Numbness

  • • Tingling

  • • Prickling, Cramping

  • • Coldness

  • • Shooting sensations

  • • Loss of Balance

  • • Problems worse at night

This treatment may allow you to get your life back! Some patients report neuropathy pain reduced

after just one treatment.

Why Light Therapy works

• Not a temporary solution (symptoms do not reappear following treatment, like with drugs,

supplements or vitamins)

• Helps treat the nerves and grow new small-fiber nerves, rather than just treating


• Stimulates the body to react and heal more effectively


How Low Level Light Therapy Works

It treats the nerves, stimulating nerve function, the root cause of neuropathy pain.

Traditional treatments only treat the symptoms:

• Neurologists prescribe drugs to treat the symptoms of the nerves, followed up by sending

you to a physical therapist.

• Physical Therapists treat the muscles and the joints but not the nerves.

• Corrective Chiropractic can correct spinal problems that may be putting pressure on the nerves and help nerves to function more normally but most often does not help the nerve fibers re-grow as LLLT does. They are a perfect complement to each other.

Light Therapy’s soothing, deep penetrating photonic energy reduces pain and inflammation. Each

painless treatment draws water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area, creating an optimal

healing environment. Light therapy offers the best in pain relief and expedited healing times. The

best thing about this type of therapy, besides the fact that it is non-invasive, drug free and

painless, is that there are no known side effects and it has a great success rate.


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