"Our focus is to let the body heal itself, which is how God designed our bodies."
Dr. Trent Iverson

Chiropractor, Partner

Dr. Trent's chiropractic experience began at a young age. At age five, his mom took him to their family chiropractor in order to help with his sleepwalking problem. Two weeks after visiting his chiropractor, little Trent was not sleepwalking anymore.

"I have been raised in a family that has always gone to a chiropractor," he recalled. "My mom has Meniere's disease and used to suffer from dizzy spells. After seeing numerous medical doctors, she was helped naturally by a chiropractor."

Now, Dr. Trent continues to have a family that regularly sees a chiropractor. He was so inspired by the life changes that his family experienced, as well after his recovery after a car accident in high school, that he decided to pursue the career himself.

Soon after graduating from Northwestern College of Chiropractic, Dr. Trent decided to team up with Dr. Hugh and Dr. Scott to open Bandana Chiropractic and Wellness Center in 1999.

With the natural healing power happening here at Bandana, many patients begin to notice that their medications may be unnecessary. 


"We help women who are having trouble getting pregnant, patients with unbearable heartburn, and we even help a patients diagnosed with diabetes to stabilize their glucose levels without medication. Miracles happen here everyday."


Restoring the proper function of the body through chiropractic and wellness, allows patients to experience their life on a healthier level.

"The most beneficial part of chiropractic care is the unleashing the body's natural healing power without side effects."  


Videos and articles from Dr. Trent Iverson at the Bandana Chiropractic & Wellness Center


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