Roosevelt M.

I didn't show up for a while because of my busy schedule, and I actually got a call from Dr. Scott himself checking in on me making sure I was okay. 
Made me appreciate this place even more!

Shoulder Pain GONE

Deb A.

I came to Bandana Chiropractic because of severe pain in my shoulder. The pain interfered with my daily activities and was so bad that I couldn't even sleep on my side. I sought treatment from my doctor, however the treatment program didn't relieve the pain. After several adjustments by Dr. Hugh, the pain was completely gone! Even after strenuous use, the pain has not returned. 
I continue to go because after an adjustment, I feel more energetic and able to move freely.

15 Years of Wellness

Carla M.

Dr. Hugh, Dr. Trent, Dr. Scott and staff are the "Change Agents" for educating me to live a healthier life style. I have been receiving adjustments and nutrition education from them since 2002, do the math, 15 years!! They are highly professional chiropractors with a passion for WELLNESS!! They go above and beyond to present researched facts to us so that we can make a difference in our life with our nutrition, body, and soul. You too can make a happier healthier you, by seeing these 3 doctors. Check out Bandana Chiropractic & Wellness Center. I promise you, you will not be disappointed, and you will be a happier healthier you!!

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