Flies, Dirt, and Germs: Explaining Disease to Kids

ADIO in Roseville, is a chiropractic concept meaning above, down, inside, and out. This is probably one of the most powerful principles known to not only physical but also spiritual wellbeing. In chiropractic, we say that all healing, function, thought, emotion, and physical reaction comes from above, down, inside and out (ADIO) from the brain, down through the spinal cord and out the nerves to the tissue cells. This even comes from higher than the brain, and that is the spiritual connection into the brain.

Everything in society is based on the outside. How do we become happy? From looking at a rose, watching a child playing, or watching a beautiful sunset with your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Having someone tell you that you are a great person, enjoying a soda or your favorite ice cream, watching your favorite movie, and there are millions of outside things that change you spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Now, most people look at that and say, “Yeah, of course, it is all of those beautiful things in life that make me happy.” But none of these outside things make you happy. Have you ever had a soda, and it just tasted so great, you had a smile on your insides? You were happy and enjoying the heck out of the soda. One week later, you are in a bad mood, and you drink the same soda. But you are still in a bad mood. Both times there was one common denominator, the soda. At times, that soda might make you happy. If it is what makes you happy, however, then every time you drink a soda, shouldn’t you be happy? The truth is that the soda doesn’t make you happy, the flower doesn’t, the nice sunset, the child, the movie, the husband or wife, or the football game. Nothing on the outside makes you happy. You have to (or get to) choose at that moment to become happy. And as soon as you choose internally for that thing to make you happy, then you will be. But why wait for that thing from outside to make you happy? Why not just be happy?

Similarly, health does not, has not, and never will come from outside in. We’re searching — the alcohol, the cigarette — to try to make ourselves feel good. The pill, the potion, the lotion, the chemical, the drug, the cough syrup, everything in our lives is taught from outside in. And the truth is that if happiness doesn’t come from outside in, then neither does health. We already have health within us.

The sun is always shining, only clouds get in the way.

Your nervous system and your health are always shining, only subluxations get in the way. When you reconnect, put your spine back into position, correct the vertebral subluxation and allow that life flow that God stuck in the body from above (brain) through the spinal cord, out the nerves, and into the tissue cells, that is true health. So don’t look for the outside in things, to make you healthy. Think happy all the time, be happy all the time, get adjusted all the time, eat right all the time, remove toxins all the time and stay active and you will have complete spiritual, physical, and emotional connection and can’t imagine the heights/levels that your body can and will go to.

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