Club Med and The Common Cold in Roseville

Club Med and The Common Cold in Roseville

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For many years, medicine has been trying to cure the common cold in Roseville. The truth is that science and medicine have been trying to find the cure for many diseases for literally hundreds of years.

Club Med in Roseville

Club Med was a research project in Europe. Its purpose was to find a cure for the common cold. The United States flies you on an all-expenses-paid trip to an old Army barracks where they put you into private homes. Their research is specific to finding the cure for the common cold. Not only do they quarantine you, but they even bring you your food in space suits. They literally want no human contact.

Once a day, you go to the Army barracks hospital, lie on your back and have the cold virus dropped into your nasal passages. When they drop the virus into your nasal passages, they do it in excessive levels. In this research, they are purposely trying to get a person sick. This occurs for seven days straight. When they get you sick, they perform special tests to help find a cure. When these people who were guinea pigs were interviewed, a very peculiar thing was found. The one thing that was common was that not one of them got sick every single year. One woman who had been going there for eight years described it as her vacation. She stated that she was sick only once out of the eight times that she was there. A second woman, who was in her 60s, had been there three times in a row and never got sick.

What they found with this research is truly a by-product of what they were looking for. The researchers found that even when they dropped the cold virus directly into the nasal passages, patients did not always get sick. This proved that sickness does not come from the outside in. This team of scientists was trying to get people sick, and they couldn’t even force the sickness on these few people. The end result of the research identified the fact that sickness does not come from outside in, even when you expose a person to high levels of a virus. They found that the internal function of the body, the immune system, is the controlling factor of whether we get sick.

So, the next time you say or you hear a person say, “I caught a cold,” we know this is not true! Yes, on a daily basis, we breathe and ingest cold viruses. This is unavoidable. But we can avoid our body having a weak immune system.

If you find yourself consistently getting colds and sickness, maybe you should stop looking from the outside and start looking toward the inside. Then you might do things to make your immune system function better. The most powerful thing that you can do to help improve your immune function is to ensure that your body has no nerve interference. New research has proven that your nervous system is your immune system, and when our nerve system is working at peak performance, so will your immune system. Regular chiropractic adjustments for a lifetime on a consistent basis will ensure better immune function.

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