Are you – or are you not – CRAZY?

Are you - or are you not - CRAZY?

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There once was a small town in Minnesota known for it’s mayor. The mayor had been in office for as long as anyone could remember. The people in this town loved him for his wisdom and always visited him and brought him gifts.

One year, the town’s water supply was poisoned, causing everyone in town to go crazy. Because the mayor lived outside of town, he had his own water supply and stayed sane. Soon people began to hate the mayor and questioned his judgment. They plotted to overthrow him, put him in jail or even have him killed.

Eventually the mayor noticed that the townspeople had stopped calling on him or bringing him gifts. He decided to go visit the town to find out what was the matter. When he got there, he was thirsty and decided to take a drink of water. That night, the whole town celebrated that the mayor had regained his wisdom.

We know what it’s like out there we live, shop, read and worship in many of the same places. We know that even in a supposedly “health conscious” culture, if you are doing things to improve your health each and every day, you are in the minority.  Being in the minority can be lonely and often abusive.

Despite being the most affluent country, with one-third of the world’s doctors, and spending more than $1 trillion annually on health, we are one of the sickest countries on the planet, and we get sicker each year. At latest count, more than one in five American children are technically obese, only one in six Americans is involved in any type of regular exercise program. The average American gets 338 hours (about two full weeks) less sleep than is necessary each year, and medical malpractice and prescription and over-the-counter drug side effects kill between 500,000 and 1 million people each year and hospitalize or permanently hurt 10.2 million more.

The real definition of sanity is being reasonable with reasonable people. In America, however, the only difference between crazy and not crazy is who has the most people believing that whatever they believe is working out or reasonable. If you want to be like the average American (overfed, undernourished, inactive, sleepy and overmedicated), you’ll have plenty of friends. But “going with the flow” means you are headed downstream and downhill. That’s crazy!

If you want to lead a healthy, exceptional life it will require vision to see beyond the average, courage to withstand opposition and determination to do something different from the crowd, even if you must stand (or eat, exercise, manage stress, get adjusted, etc.) on your own.

Of course, you won’t be entirely alone. Although it is an extremely small percentage of Americans, more than 6 million visits are made to chiropractors each week where your commitment to getting and staying at your God-given health potential is honored, accepted and supported. Families under chiropractic care are the healthiest in America and the world.

You are only crazy when you are doing what everyone else is doing and expecting to get different results than they are.

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