Could You Pass the Test in Roseville

Could You Pass The Test in Roseville?

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A well-known butcher’s joke tells of a lady who comes into the store and asks to see the chicken before she buys one for dinner. When the butcher hands her the chicken, she eyeballs and sniffs the outside, then opens up the legs and looks and smells inside. She does this with three or four chickens before the irate butcher finally stops her and says, “Lady, could you pass that test?”

Could You Pass The Test in Roseville?

According to Roseville Chiropractor, you have been taught that the most powerful being on the planet is not the president, “The Rock,” Bill Gates, Michael Jordan or even Superman. What you have been told and accepted is that there is a non-seeable, non-tastable, flying, creeping and crawling bug or germ that has dominion over this planet. Your deepest belief is that if one of these invisible monsters bores into you, it will take over and make you sick, or worse. What you have grown to understand since your youth is that at the end of six days, when God finished making the light, the oceans, the birds and the trees, He reached into a bucket of viruses and bacteria and commanded, “Now, go down there and rule them all!” This is called the “germ theory,” and is a big fat lie!

If you looked at your hands or your mouth with a microscope, you would see thousands of germs, viruses and bacteria. You would see streptococci (strep throat), pneumococci (cold and flu), and hundreds of other bugs that are blamed for other illnesses. If the germ theory were true, we would all be six feet under.

Not only are bugs always present they are always keeping you alive. God created germs to help you. Millions of germs live in your intestine to help you properly break down food. The bacteria that live in your mouth, lungs and all other organs eat damaged or dead tissue that forms every minute of the day. For example, when a baby is teething, a lot of gum tissue is damaged. Consequently, a lot of bacteria will come to eat this tissue. The baby then will have a runny nose, fever and diarrhea to eliminate the extra bacteria. But most people call the child sick and give him or her drugs, which stop the healing and hurt the child.

If your body is healthy and your immune system is strong, you have power over the bugs. Do not blame the weather, your children, other people’s children or bugs from other countries that are always present in your body anyway for being sick. Although thousands supposedly get illnesses from these things, didn’t you ever wonder why millions don’t? The fact is that if you get sick, it is no one’s fault but your own. Your resistance is down, so you or your children get sick. If you are tested for germs that is a test you can never pass!

When you are ill, it is not time to poison yourself with vaccines, antibiotics and other drugs. This is the time to go back to a simpler diet, get adjusted, reduce stress and get some rest so that your body can get back in tune with itself and the environment. Doctors write more than 12 million antibiotic prescriptions each year for colds, bronchitis and other infections for which the drugs are useless more than 90 percent of the time. Such indiscriminate use of antibiotics has contributed to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria.

If you take antibiotics and other cold, flu, fever and allergy drugs every time you have symptoms, your immune system never gets a chance to develop itself. Consequently, it becomes weak, and you become more susceptible to future illness and cancer. By letting your body heal itself, the immune system gets stronger, and you are less likely to get sick again. With the dangers of antibiotics to individuals and our entire world, you have to stop using them even if it is a little scary to you — how do you beat that fear …education and being a part of our natural healing community.

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