Don’t Eat Yellow Snow in Roseville

Don't Eat Yellow Snow in Roseville

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People are basically all good. But our tendencies are basically all bad. This is not a condemnation of all things but an acceptance of the divine order set upon us. Our physical needs, mental and emotional wants, and morbid human curiosities tend to draw us away from what is right for us and the perfect will of God and toward actions and reactions that may do us or others harm.

If you grew up in the north where it snows, then you can recall as a child the ridiculous need to taste it. Due to this strange human behavior, it actually becomes totally necessary to give kids there the advice to not eat yellow snow or any other color for that matter.

Doing good, healthful, and moral things for yourself and others is an extremely un-natural state. When given the choice of eating an apple and berries for breakfast or a donut and bacon, almost anyone naturally wants the donut and bacon. Eating the low glycemic fruit is literally like creating an artificial state. Regularly thinking positive thoughts, doing your best, disciplining for your goals, exercising, eating well and getting your spine checked when needed are all things that you know are necessary for you and your family. But the natural tendency is to not do them or quit all together. You must understand that even when you know what you should do, it is hard to do it because there is an opposing force to you leading a long, prosperous and proper life. The wrong way, not the right way is your natural tendency.

Despite strong advice and fair warning concerning health, spirituality, money, relationships, work, purchasing and all sorts of other decisions you have had to make in your life, you often chose the wrong road anyway. Frequently, when you make the wrong decision, it is again because of these naturally bad human tendencies. Most of the time, the underlying reason for these tendencies and wrong decisions is that the other way is easier, faster, cheaper and/or more effortless.

Principled chiropractors spend their lives’ advising people to go to the right chiropractor, spend the time to correct and maintain their spine and nerve system, avoid drugs, and wait for and upon your body through God and innate intelligence to do the healing. It’s not your natural tendency to put in the effort to make this happen. But it’s obviously the right way.

According to Roseville Chiropractor, the path to a valuable and glorious life is rough, narrow and NOT comfortable to follow. To stay on the path, learn your natural tendencies, and then avoid them.


The path of least resistance makes rivers and people crooked.

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