Understanding the Body’s Priority List in Roseville

The Body's Priority List in Roseville

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The greatest understanding one must have of the human body is that it has it’s own ability to heal. The second greatest is that its healing process occurs from the inside, not outside. The third is the human body will heal based on priority.

We go through life having sickness and disease, aches and pains, states of euphoria and depression. At many time, we evaluate these individual health problems and seek doctors’ care to get rid of the disease process. One must understand that the body will express itself through symptoms not only to tell you and the doctor the disease process, but also to warn you of a problem. One of the biggest problems in the healing process is we have doctors that still have not figured out what pains are related to what condition during what time of the disease. Nor have we been able to identify the severity of the pain or symptom correlating to the disease.

After centuries of research, doctors still have not found a paralleling pattern between every disease and every symptom. The fact still remains that you as a patient want your disease, symptoms and pain alleviated.

One of the biggest concerns of a Roseville chiropractor is not necessarily to treat the symptom (pain) or disease, but to treat the cause, remove it and allow the body to heal itself from inside out without the use of drugs and surgery. There is one major misunderstanding or possibly lack of understanding of symptom priorities. For example, John has headaches, back pain, constipation problems, high blood pressure and low energy. He decided when he woke up one day to go to the doctor, whether it was a chiropractor, M.D. or neurologist to get rid of the pain. In this instance, a chiropractor performs an evaluation, understanding that the purpose of chiropractic is to identify the cause to John’s back pain. The chiropractor finds the interference in the nerve system and, through chiropractic adjustment, restores proper nerve flow to allow healing to occur.

The problem with this scenario is the body’s healing priority list. What do we mean by healing priority list? Do you think a body is going to spend more time healing back pain, an ulcer or John’s cancer? When asked that way, common sense can tell you that the body will spend more time healing cancer than it will back pain for the simple reason that cancer is more dangerous to the body than back pain. With this in mind, you should understand that as you go to a chiropractor to resolve to your symptoms, there may be a larger, more detrimental imbalance, problem or even disease inside that the body must heal first before addressing the back pain.

What does this mean to most patients? It means most patients that enter a chiropractor’s office want immediate relief for back pain. But the body has another plan, a plan that sent you to the chiropractor because it knows you will respond to the symptom, which creates some form of health care application. As you receive chiropractic adjustments, your body may spend the first month or two — or three or maybe even 12 — healing the bigger or biggest issue. Maybe cancer development, the ulcer, the headaches or the high blood pressure before it will heal the back pain.

The moral to this letter about the bodies priority list is simply to bring attention to the concept that just because you came in with pain, the body might have another plan of healing other things first. Trust the power that God put in the body to heal. Allow your doctor of chiropractic to make the adjustment and in total faith be clear that with no nerve interference, your body will do the healing in stages it is supposed to on the imbalances or diseases it is supposed to.

In conclusion, you must understand that even though your back pain may not be going away as quickly as you expected it to, the body and God have a greater plan.

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