How to Keep Your Immune System Strong to Get Well and Stay Well

Keep Your Immune System Strong in Roseville

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1. Stay Away From Drugs.

As we know, the use of antibiotics and fever-fighting medications weaken your immune system. Other medicines considered to be safe, like over-the-counter cold and flu remedies, have shown to cause strokes and colon problems, and allergy medication causes alcohol-like effects.

“The greater part of all disease is created by the suppression of acute diseases with drug poisoning,” said Harvey Lindlar, M.D.

2. Get Checked for Subluxation Causing Nerve Interference Every Day While You Are Ill

The first step to healing is to get your spine and nerve system checked for interference (subluxation). When you are experiencing symptoms, your first tendency is to stay home and skip getting your spine checked. But the facts show that it is time to get your spine checked more.

Within you lies all the power and intelligence of the universe. All of the wisdom that develops all of creation creates and recreates you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are in a constant state of repair and regeneration in every cell and system of your being.

This wisdom in humans is controlled by the nervous system. This internal intelligence uses the brain, spine and nerves to organize all growth, repair and function. Removal of this wisdom by stopping nerve flow creates death to all or part of the body. Therefore, this neurological flow is life.

When this life can flow uninterrupted, without spinal subluxation, you have the ultimate manifestation of God’s potential in your body. Without interference to neurological life flow, you have a balance in your own inner universe. Then you are all God has created you to be and asked you to be. Subluxation causes brain, spine and nerve interference equaling weakened immunity and slower recovery.

A tremendous amount of research has shown that chiropractic is extremely safe and effective for recovering and, more importantly, preventing sickness and disease. Dr. Ronald Pero of New York University studied the immune systems of cancer patients, non-cancer patients and non-cancer patients that had been under chiropractic care for five years or more. The non-cancer patients had immune systems that were 200 percent stronger than the cancer patients. The chiropractic patients had immune systems that were 200 percent stronger than the non-cancer patients and 400 percent stronger than the cancer patients.

Chiropractic research on HIV-positive patients revealed that those who received chiropractic care showed a 48 percent increase in CD4 immune system white blood cells compared to those that did not receive chiropractic care, according to Drs. Selano, Hightower, Pfleger, Peeley, Collins and Grostic.

3. Nutrition

It is important that you feed your immune system properly. Vitamin C, D3, EFA, antioxidant vitamins, fruits, vegetables and Echinacea all provide nutritional support for the organs of the immune system so that it may function at its best. Poor food choices like grain fed meat, trans fat, alcohol, sugar, caffeine and other chemicals all rob your body of vital energy that your immune system needs. Heal your gut. If you have not done a gut healing protocol ask us.

4. Rest/Relaxation

Stress and lack of sleep also drain strength from the immune system and very often are responsible for the reason you are sick. Slow down to let your body heal and get well.

5. Exercise

Exercise has been proven to increase immune system function to the point where male and female cancers can be reduced 50-80 percent. Can you say WOW!

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