Our Body Is Like A Cake

Our Body Is Like A Cake

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Have you ever tried to bake a cake? Some have tried to put all of the ingredients together without reading the instructions. But when this occurs, usually the cake does not develop properly. The magic of a nice fluffy full cake is to have proper instructions that when read and followed properly, produce a cake. And if you read the instructions backwards and take certain steps out of order, it will interfere with the production of a healthy cake.

The Human Body in Roseville

According to Dr. Scott Halida, to obtain a product, there must have been a producer and the producer must have developed instructions for the final outcome of the product.

The human body is equivalent to a cake. The human body has different ingredients, including the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, skin, bone, eyes, etc. But if we just took each of these pieces and mixed them together, there’s a very slim chance that you would produce a human body without proper instructions. Understanding the human body is millions of times more complicated than a cake. But the concept still remains the same. In a human body, you need ingredients, a producer and the instructions to put together the ingredients. The producer of the human body is our Creator. The ingredients of the human body are the organs, and the instructions are the very powerful thing called innate intelligence.

The innate intelligence of the human bodies connects the producer with the ingredients. It is the mysterious something that is produced within the brain that travels over the nerves and ultimately gives information to the organs and tissue cells of the body. This innate intelligence literally is the instructions of the human body.

If you are reading this newsletter, there are literally billions of chemical interactions creating, developing and maintaining each cell and organ in the body. As long as the innate intelligence is traveling over the nerves creating proper instruction to all of the tissue cells and organs, you will have a proper, healthy body or cake. When this innate intelligence that travels over your nerves doesn’t create proper information from brain cell through your nerves to your organs, your cake or your body does not produce the cells or organ function in life that is necessary. If this mis-instruction from brain to organ or tissue cell is interrupted only for a minute or an hour, the outcome is very minimal. But if this innate intelligence and the instruction from brain to tissue cell and the organs is interrupted month after month, at that point, you create an unhealthy body.

The purpose of chiropractic is to maintain the instruction information from brain to your organs. So that every day of your life, your cake or your body is baking, redeveloping and regrowing itself in a proper manner to allow you to have complete emotional, physical and spiritual connection within your body. Consequently, every day of your life you are in a continuous oven, and every time you receive a specific chiropractic adjustment, you are rebalancing your instructions to allow your body to perform the miracles it is supposed to.

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