Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

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Imagine if you were to follow a daily routine of working out with weights, running, doing aerobics, swimming and eating perfect nutrition in Roseville, and you carried this out consistently for 20 years. You would be in such phenomenal shape, a super model or an Olympian would be jealous. If at the end of that 20-year period, however, you were then to spend the next month without any exercise and eating all junk food, you would lose it all and look terrible. After 20 years of daily training, one month would make it look almost like you never trained a day in your life. At this point, if you went back to training, it would come back within a few months. But if you were to quit exercising for a year or more, you would reach a point that would take you years to recover from, if ever.

A great illustration of this point is the many Olympic and professional athletes who trained and competed at an elite level for two or three decades, only to become incredibly out of shape and, in some cases, grossly overweight only a few years after retirement.

Unfortunately, although God may be very forgiving, the body is not. Your body is very unforgiving. If you drink good water for 50 years and then stopped and started drinking bad water, the negative effects would set in immediately. If you never smoked, never drank alcohol or never took prescription medication, the minute you would start, all those years of clean living quickly would be washed away.

The bottom line is that without consistency in all areas of your health, you very swiftly will begin to get sick and speed up the dying and degeneration process. Without consistency, you will lose the many well, quality years God intended you to have.

Scientifically speaking, the brain and spinal cord control all functions and all healing in your body. If anything were to interfere with the brain’s ability to communicate with your organs, they would immediately begin malfunctioning and heading toward disease and an early death. The most common and very likely way to interfere with the brain to body signals is spinal misalignment. All scientific evidence points to the fact that even slight amounts of pressure caused by even small misalignments of the spine interfere with and stop the normal function of the body. Your body would then become sick very quickly, even if it had been well for years.

“Dead Man Walking” is what the prison guards say as a condemned inmate is walking toward the execution chamber. When children, babies and adults are walking around who have bad spines, scoliosis, reduced cervical curves and all kinds of misalignments, “Dead Man (baby, women, etc.) Walking” seems to be an appropriate term.

Again, even if you are under care, the body is very unforgiving. Even if you have had some chiropractic care to align your spine, even if you had years of chiropractic care, and even if you had a great spine last week, the body always wants to know, “What have you done for me lately.”

At what point do you stop being consistent with drinking good water, praying, exercising, staying off of drugs and getting your spine checked for misalignments? As soon as you want to start working on dying instead of living.

The good news, the gospel of life, is that with consistency comes prosperity.

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