Dessert for Breakfast… Daily?

Dessert for breakfast...daily?

Dessert for Breakfast… Daily?

Parents, are you giving your kids dessert for breakfast? EVERY day? Seem like a strange question? The truth is most Americans eat dessert for breakfast.

They eat pancakes and syrup.....cake and liquid frosting. They eat sugar and grain loaded cereal with low-fat milk, or basically a deconstructed pastry. They eat flavored yogurt and toast with some O.J., essentially ice cream ingredients.

And here is the HARSH reality.....According to a 2012 Food and Health Survey, breakfast for most Americans is the healthiest meal of the day and their eating choices get less healthy by the 1.7% apparently per hour!
If you eat or feed your kids this junk, you are setting yourself and more importantly, you are setting them up for a health disaster.

There is no way around it, YOU are insulin am I, so are my kids. We have created this trait over the last 4-5 generations and it is now part of us. How insulin resistant you become and how that shows up in your life in health in the form of prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight gain, obesity, hormone problems, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, dementia and more depends on what you do TODAY.

If this is your go-to breakfast model, then you are better off NOT EATING ANYTHING for breakfast. NO, something is not better than nothing in this case. Nothing is better than poison. And your kids will survive!

They can go without a meal here and there, yes, even breakfast, yes, even if they are growing, and yes, even if they are active. Nothing is better than the metabolic sabotage that most people feed their kids these days.

We can do better, our kids deserve better. If you need help ASK US or better yet come to the next workshop coming up, this is what we do.

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