REALLY? Is this what we call health?

Really? is this what we call health?

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The US spends 450% more on Healthcare than on the military each year.

  • Yet we rank 37th for overall health
  • Our system ranks 72 as an effective healthcare system
  • We are 11th out of 11 of the wealthiest nations in healthcare 34th in life expectancy
  • 34th in infant mortality
  • 48th lowest maternal mortality
  • 70% of Americans take a prescription drug 25% (1 in 4) kids are on a prescription med
  • 25% of women are on an anti-depressant
  • 7.5% or 1 in 13 kids are on a psychiatric med
  • 1.5% of infants are on psychotropic medications If you count pre-diabetes and obesity the nearly
  • 75% of Americans are living with at least one chronic disease, AND we are getting worse at the rate of 1,600,000 more people per year (conservatively).

We are number one in a few things too. #1 in access to medical care.....we can get into a doctor at any given point in time basically. This means you are the most likely to survive a traumatic injury like a car accident here in the States, but the number one killers here and worldwide are chronic diseases.

#1 in spending per capita at $9,300+ per American. This means the number one reason people go bankrupt here in the US is medical bills even though 75% of those people where FULLY insured. While in France for example, or Japan, NO ONE will go bankrupt due to medical expenses.

Well, I have a family of 4 (still at home)....and in the last year, we spent $0 going to medical doctors. We spent a lot more on healthy food, exercise, supplements, sports, and physical activities and so forth, but technically that was not healthcare spending as it relates to these numbers. That saved the system $37,200.00+ this year AND it also means someone else out there picked up that spending. At that rate, I figure we have saved ourselves and the system around $446,400.00 in the last 12 years alone. All in all, we have spent around $5,000.00 in the last 18 years on health care....and that is with 2 births.

You don't have to do things my way, but nor do you have to do things as prescribed in the traditional American way either. My point, there are many ways to approach health and healing, but knowing your options is KEY and can save the bank, and your life! There are better ways. Here's to learning them! In our system, if you are not actively improving your health you WILL passively lose it.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." ~Mark Twain

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