If God Wanted Us To Take Aspirin, He Would Have Created An “Aspirin Tree”!

If God Wanted Us To Take Aspirin, He Would Have Created An "Aspirin Tree"!

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Every time the news reports that doctors recommend you take an aspirin a day for prevention, you should beware. The media (whose jobs are paid for by advertising from pharmaceutical companies) and American Medical Association (AMA) can be amazingly manipulative. Once again, they are not looking out for the human race but for their pocketbooks! Think about the amount of money that would be made if every human being in the world took an aspirin a day in Roseville.

Medication vs. Chiropractic Care in Roseville

This concept does make a certain degree of sense because heart disease is the number one killer (at times) in the United States. And the supposed cause is cholesterol build up and thickening of the blood. Logically, the problem would be corrected by thinning the blood. And aspirin does this (so does fish oil, turmeric, ginger, green tea, garlic, ginko biloba, cayenne pepper, etc).

But taking aspirin daily has a tremendous number of downfalls. First, aspirin is a man-made chemical and registered trademark of Bayer. Aspirin thins the blood and decreases the clotting mechanism in the blood (which will cause the body to be unable to stop bleeding on its own). Aspirin causes toxicity in every cell in the body, producing ulcers, increasing the rate of kidney failure, and causing “Reye’s Syndrome” in children. Research is even starting to connect aspirin to some arthritic changes. There are countless negative effects aspirin can have on the human body. It is amazing how we will “buy the concept” of taking aspirin to correct one problem, knowing that it has the potential to cause 10 other problems. The answer to preventing heart disease is not thinning the blood. God made blood just right.

If blood thickens because of an unhealthy situation, the answer is not to poison the body (with aspirin) and thin the blood.

So what is the answer? God created a system in the body that knows how to maintain and regulate blood chemistry. It knows how to clean the junk out of the blood (through the kidneys). He thought of this thick blood concept before the pharmaceutical companies were even in existence. The human body is the most powerful, mechanical and spiritual machine known. The true answer to prevention of heart disease is maintaining the integrity of the body. Taking an aspirin a day is almost like telling people to drink, smoke, eat improperly and stop exercising. And by all means, don’t take care of your body because we have a quick “chemical” answer!

We as consumers have fallen into the trap of the quick fix. But there are no “quick fixes.” There are no pills, potions or lotions that have the ability to regulate the function of the human body. And aren’t all human bodies and all blood thickness different in these heart patients? If so, how do we know if the aspirin theory works, and that we only need one aspirin for every person? In reality, the doctor is guessing and throwing drugs in the body.

So, what is the solution? The solution is to maintain the human body. We do this through exercise, eating right, taking out all drugs, and most importantly, taking care of the system that controls every function in the human body — the brain and spinal cord. Chiropractic has a direct link to every physical ailment and every physical function. Your spinal column is your switchboard to life. When all of your fuses (vertebrae) are lined up, and electrical flow is at 100 percent, the human body is working, providing the necessary chemical balance, healing and nerve control, as well as breaking down any thick blood problems.

So please, don’t run scared thinking that if you don’t take an aspirin a day, you will die of a heart attack. If you do not take the time to maintain the integrity of your body through proper exercise, sleep, diet, positive mental attitude and most importantly, taking care of the nervous system, however, maybe you better worry! Every single chiropractic adjustment that you receive helps bring back the chemical balance in the human body that controls thickness of blood to maintain a state of harmony. You should leave the office with a big smile on your face, knowing your body is working better and you no longer have to live in fear. Once again, please give this newsletter to a friend to read. And please tell others about chiropractic so you can be part of the mission to save lives.

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