What if there was a cure for AIDS?

what if there was a cure for aids?

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An estimated 1.8 million individuals worldwide became newly infected with HIV in 2016 – about 5,000 new infections per day. It has become one of the most devastating diseases known to mankind. There are few people that read a headline or listen to the news that doesn’t understand the devastation that this disease can do to human existence. But do you think if we actually found a cure that you would really know about it?

Many people say, “Of course, if someone found the cure they would want to cure people.” And this might be true. But if the cure for AIDS was half a banana, a pound of grapes, and two oranges mixed together in a blender and taken twice a day, do you really think that they would let that cure be known to the world?

Maintaining Your Health in Roseville

In 1921, Dr. Henry Windsor (Windsor Autopsies) did research with 75 humans and 23 cats, proving that in roughly 20 diseases that killed these people, there was a direct correlation between a bad spine and the nerve that went to the organ. But you never read this in the newspaper. There is a big misconception that we are really trying to find a cure for diseases when the truth is many people are more dedicated to how much money they can make and not to finding the true answer to all health problems.

Every year we spend millions of dollars on research to determine the cure for AIDS, and we are one step closer. And if you look at all of the millions of dollars in research spent every year on the detection and correction of AIDS, you will find that all of the research is from outside in. What thing — drug, pill, potion, or lotion — can we stick into the body to make it healthier?

Sticking any drug into the human body to fix AIDS is equivalent to ingesting broken glass for the correction of ulcers.

Some people are terrified that AIDS will take them or their families’ lives. Meanwhile, there are many of you who really could care less about the AIDS situation. The truth is that we should not live in fear but should have a complete and more direct understanding of the human body. We should understand that all healing comes from within.

The answer to AIDS is not dodging it, being afraid of it, or stop kissing your loved one. If each human being took proper time in maintaining their health, they would be able to fight off and prevent diseases as powerful as AIDS even cancer and the like.

Then how can we take control of our own destiny and work on a daily basis to improve the integrity of our immune system? Because our immune system is the master system that defends against disease from within, it is the answer to correction and prevention of AIDS, etc. But the nervous system — your brain and spinal cord — controls the immune system.

One of the most powerful steps one can take in the prevention and/or correction of AIDS is to look first inside. Make sure your nervous system is functioning at 100 percent. But many people ask, “How do I know that my nervous system is functioning at 100 percent?” And the truth is, you don’t.

There is only one way to determine if your nervous system is functioning at 100 percent, and that is for you and everyone to receive a very specific spinal evaluation to look for vertebral subluxation. For those who have never attended a chiropractic new patient orientation, a vertebral subluxation is the misalignment of one or more vertebrae, creating pressure, choking, pinching, and irritation to the spinal cord, which acts as the control mechanism to the immune system.

If you have a vertebral subluxation, your nervous system is not working properly, which means your immune system is not working. Through proper chiropractic care maintaining the integrity of the spine and nervous system, your immune system will improve. This will create a defense mechanism more in the prevention and correction of AIDS.

So when you fear disease or sickness or dying, understand that you play a very powerful role internally through chiropractic care. Please help in the mission to get this concept out to the world and take this newsletter, give it to a friend and send others into chiropractic to allow them to have a better life.

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