It is just our back: isn’t it?

It is just our back: Isn't it?

It is just our back: isn’t it?

Since your childhood playing on the swing set, you thought of your back as just your back. You hear people say things like, “Oh, I threw my back out! Oh, I pulled my back! Oh, my aching back!” For many years we thought that our back was just a thing on our back, and now that we have spent many years doing trial and error research, we literally have found that our back is not just OUR BACK.

When God created our body, He made the master controlling system in our body: the brain and spinal cord. As you read this, your heart is beating. There are electrical messages going from your brain, through your brain stem, down through the spinal cord, and out the spinal nerves to your heart telling your heart to beat.

The food you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is being digested in the stomach and both the small and large intestines. This function is occurring through electrical messages from the brain, through the spinal cord, and into the digestive system.

Your very existence is based on the fact that there are electrical messages going from the brain to tissue cell and body parts, all traveling through the spinal column.

In fact, when God created the body, He created the backbone — our spinal column — to be the protector of the spinal cord. You have 24 vertebrae that stack on top of each other to surround and protect the spinal cord, which is almost like a telephone wire. In a telephone wire, you have many tiny delicate wires inside, and they are surrounded by a big thick tube for protection. Well, your spine is the same way.

One of the largest mistakes we have made in health care is that we have overlooked the importance of the spine to your daily health. In essence, we are learning that the symptoms of back pain are literally vital warning signals to alert you that there is potential damage to the spinal column, which is protecting the spinal cord.

In 1895, Dr. D.D. Palmer had tremendous foresight in understanding this concept. Through looking at the human spine, he found misalignments, which are caused by automobile accidents, traumas, sports injuries, mental and chemical stress, and improper posture, for example. This is what we call a vertebral subluxation. And vertebral subluxation is a very devastating disease to human existence because the misalignment of vertebra pinches off the nerves.

This not only can cause pain but also literally interfere with that electrical impulse that God put in the brain to travel from brain to tissue cell, brain to organ, and brain to all of the muscles. So, you see, your back is not just your back. It is probably the most vital organ in your body because it is protecting the master system — the nervous system.

If you are reading this and you have never had your back evaluated by a chiropractor for vertebral subluxation, you should. It could change your life forever. If you do get checked for subluxation pass this information to someone you care about

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