If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em in Roseville

If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em in Roseville

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For centuries, the medical establishment fought fiercely to stop any other profession, science and/or philosophy that provided a better way to health, life and wellness. Chiropractic care and nutrition were opposed most violently by the medical establishment because they were the greatest threat to their authority. In fact, even when one of their own, Dr. Linus Pauling, M.D., first introduced his ideas on vitamin C, he was considered an absolute quack and shunned by his own profession. Imagine if Moses or Jesus showed up today, healing by the use of a staff from God or forgiveness? Would their acceptance and fate be any different today than it was all those years ago?

Worst of all, of course, has been medicine’s opposition to chiropractic. That is until now: several major university medical departments are now considering a school of chiropractic medicine.

No one ever thought they’d see it in their lifetime, but the medical and scientific oppressive wall against chiropractic finally has broken down. Studies on spinal misalignment and disease are even showing up in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.

In addition to opening up a chiropractic school, thousands of medical doctors each month now go to weekend seminars on spinal adjusting. The problem is they are not learning in this short amount of “training” keys such as being specific so as not to influence the wrong areas of nerves. Of course, it’s frightening to think that someone who learned adjusting during a weekend course would be grabbing your neck, but it still has to be safer than prescribing drugs. An adjustment from an M.D. might hurt you, but at least they can’t kill you, at least not right away.

After years of chiropractic opposition, many physical therapists want to get in the act. They too are beginning to perform gross versions of joint manipulation that they also learn in weekend courses. This is scary. But again, it’s safer than using electric currents and ultrasound.

In a waning profession, crumbling under the pressure of a world that is becoming sicker under their care, medical doctors are making a desperate attempt to join what they previously called the “quacks” and “witch doctors.”  The whole medical profession is trying to claim some form of wellness which is what chiropractic has held up as a pillar since it’s inception.

Now it appears they’ve changed their stance to “When in Rome….

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