If It Hurts, You Know The Way That Feels in Roseville

If It Hurts, You Know The Way That Feels

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A little boy went to a farmhouse after seeing a sign that said puppies for sale. The boy went to the farmer and asked, “How much for the puppies?” The farmer noticed the boy appeared to be from a poor family, so he decided to do a good deed. The farmer asked the little boy, “How much do you have?” The boy dug around in his pockets and found 39 cents. The farmer said, “That should do. Let’s go around back and take a look.” The boy ran up to the cage where the puppies were, and they all came running out to greet him. Moving slowly, trailing far behind was the last of the puppies. The little boy was looking at this one. The farmer, wanting to complete his good deed, said to the boy, “You do not want that one. That’s the runt. He will never be able to run or play like the others.” The little boy lifted up one of his pant legs, revealing an artificial limb, and said, “That’s OK, Mister, I know the way that feels.”

Roseville Chiropractors realize the strength that exists in each and every one of you. Deep inside, each heart is a magic power. God puts this power there, and it is given to you for you to make your dreams come true. You have the power, and chiropractic only helps you turn it on. In every woman, child and man, the strength of “I can” is enough to move mountains. It’s also known as faith. Whether you think, “I can” or “I can’t,” you’re absolutely right.

Unfortunately and obviously, most people do not believe in magic. Their dreams fade away like a whisper in the wind, and they soon go on to suffer like most everyone else. The others that suffer will tell you to put down your dreams, quit your diet, stop working out, stay away from that crazy chiropractor, just take the drug, go home from work early and accept your fate.

Devoid of your dreams, you begin your life of quiet desperation until you’re depressed. Maybe not depressed all of the time, but on a pretty regular basis. Today, if you go to your doctor, he has Prozac, Zoloft, etc. They now even prescribe these drugs to children. The problem is when you take away their creativity and their energy, you also steal their dreams. You know how that feels.

Risk everything for magic, keep getting adjusted and staying well, live your life with passion, stay off medications, keep searching for truth and the cause and do not stop until you’ve realized your dreams.

There is always hope. For what is hope, but prayer.

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