Research Clarification in Roseville

Research Clarification in Roseville

Chiropractic Roseville MN Research Clarification

Recently, a patient of Bandana Chiropractic and Wellness Center, brought me an article regarding research on back pain. This research basically stated that chiropractic is no better for low back pain than reading a pamphlet and has absolutely no improving effects for children with asthma. Most people who read this article realize that this is propaganda through journalism. But for those of you who were very concerned when you read that article, we need to examine the research, if possible.

One of the most important things when reading research is to understand not only the intent of the research, but also how they went about doing the research. This research project that was reported in the newspaper was performed on a group of people that received six to eight chiropractic adjustments. Receiving even eight chiropractic adjustments for spinal subluxations or a spine that has been growing out of position for 10-30 years is like going to an orthodontist and asking him or her to correct crooked teeth in a couple weeks.

One of the things about the research that we don’t know is the severity of the persons’ low back problem. If some of these people have been developing subluxations in their low back for many years, there is no way that you would see tremendous improvement in eight adjustments. So the research people and the journalists of the world are claiming that chiropractic could not help them and is a waste of time. We need all the information.

When many people read articles of this nature, they know this is just journalism trying to get readers or “clicks”. People also realize that one of the largest groups paying for advertising that is paying the salary of journalists and researchers savare Big Pharma. But the concern is not so much chiropractic patients who read this, but the people in the community who have never been to a chiropractor. Chiropractic patients would read an article like this and realize that it is very misleading. But those people not under chiropractic care may not know how to read into a misleading article.

The second part of this research claimed that asthma was not helped by chiropractic. Once again, the number of adjustments — from 5 to 12 — given to these children was very minimal. Then the researchers re-evaluated the child to determine if the asthma and breathing conditions had improved. Evaluating chiropractic with an asthma patient is equivalent to evaluating exercise with a person that is 100 pounds overweight. You put them on an exercise program of daily jogging and a nutritional program to eat properly. Then you recheck their weight loss situation at the end of the week. Many of you know that this person would lose a few pounds but to think the journey for this person is over already would make us look at this evaluation as a failure.

Just remember, journalism and research can be very manipulating. They will always make you see only what they want you to see. We will always try to look for the cause of a problem and not just cover things up with a pill, potion or lotion. Your body was created to heal we just need to remove any interference.

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