It’s Quick and It’s Free in Roseville

It's Quick and It's Free in Roseville

Chiropractors in Roseville Have Extensive Schooling

Roseville Chiropractor shares a very popular story tells of a farmer who lived with his family on a several-acre ranch with a stream, cows, chickens, wheat, corn and the whole bit. The man had no particular struggle and lived in no particular part of the world. One day, this farmer heard that someone had discovered diamonds out west somewhere. Consequently, he left his family, sold the farm and bought a diamond mine. Unfortunately, his diamond mine was worthless along with everyone else’s diamond mines. Years later, broke and broken, the man decided to return home to his old farm. When the poor farmer got there, the man who had bought the farm let him into this house. There, sitting on the mantle, was the largest diamond he had ever seen. The old farmer asked the man where he found the diamond. The man replied, “Right out back. This farm you sold me has acres of diamonds.”

Within everyone literally are acres of diamonds. There are a lot of people who have not discovered them, but they are there just the same. Successful people who are happy, creative and making a difference in this world are diligently mining their diamonds, while other people either let them lay there buried or are told they don’t exist.

If you look at the bottom of the ocean and see a penny and a gold doubloon, they both have the same value if you do not work to bring them up. Praying for them to come up won’t bring them to the surface. Praying for the wisdom to choose the right way to bring them up or praying for the strength to bring them up may work, but only if you act.

Prayer without action is to be so heavenly minded, you do no earthly good.

Without question, the most growing profitable business during the last millennium was not Microsoft or Disney. It was drugs, both illegal and legal.

How does God let a church go out of business or a family man get fired while a crack dealer makes a million dollars? It’s very simple. The crack dealer followed all of the right physical, practical and workable laws to make his business successful. He’ll get his later. But for now, he’s getting paid.

The medical profession and drug companies play off the fact that you would rather not put the work or time in to get well. They sit back in classrooms and boardrooms, looking for new, revolutionary ways to get you better, faster and easier.

The ad, “It’s Quick and It’s Free,” would draw more Americans in than a purple light draws mosquitoes. The results also would be just as deadly. The medical “quick and free” method of properly prescribed “cures” now kills 400,000 people per year. And they’re getting paid! They are getting paid to watch our families die. They’ll get theirs later, too.

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