Health: It’s a Verb and a Choice

Health: It's a verb and a choice

Health: It’s a Verb and a Choice

There is a story of a famous medical doctor once challenged God by saying, “God, we don’t need You anymore. With cloning technology, synthetic foods, and modern medicine, You have truly become obsolete. We are now our own, God.”

God replied, “If you are so confident you can live without me, how about a contest? You take some dirt and I’ll take some dirt, and the first one to create a human wins.”

The prominent physician said, “Aha, you don’t stand a chance. You are on!”

With that, the doctor grabbed a handful of dirt. But before he got started, God said, “No, no, no you have to use your own dirt.”

Some five out of six people die from heart disease and cancer, and 400,000 people die each year due to the medical profession and even “properly” prescribed medications. But with approximately 6 million adjustments happening weekly, no one ever dies from one.

A Chiropractor’s Sad Story:

A woman came to us in her 40s, weighing 75 pounds soaking wet, and told us she felt she was dying and her doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.

After her first adjustment, she made one statement, “I feel like I just got my life back.” During the next four weeks, she did better and better and gained more and more hope. However, in the next two weeks, she was back in the medical doctors’ offices because she was losing fluids and feeling weak.

The doctors analyzed and examined her. Finally, after much time and many dollars, they told her nothing was wrong with her. It was all in her head, and they prescribed her Zoloft, which is an antidepressant in the Prozac family. Because they thought she was crazy and not sick, they did not tell her to stop working. She went to work outside on a hot and humid day, lost too many fluids, and the electrolyte imbalance caused her to have a heart attack and die.

We lost our first patient, but not to disease,

to the narrow-minded medical theory of health.

A medical examination either tells you nothing or tells you that you are already sick, which is too late. In either case, it may be wrong.

With antidepressants being so popular, it is easier to just get you high or call you psychotic than to work to find out the real cause of illness.

This woman should have been under chiropractic care much sooner. She was doing great, and with God’s help almost revived her life, but she got started too late.

We have had hundreds of cases where with chiropractic help, God has healed people of disease. But there have been others who die who waited too long before getting started or never even began care. Waiting for the disease often can be too late. Please get the ones you love to a chiropractor to have their spine and nerve system checked for damage or interference before a medical exam tells them they are going to die. Or before it doesn’t and is wrong.

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