Over time, “You just can’t do that!”

Poor Posture Can be Improved by
Roseville Chiropractors

Poor Posture Can be Improved by Roseville Chiropractors

In the movie City Slickers, the cowboy Curly has a heart attack and dies.  One of the characters wonders how someone as active and tough as Curly could die so young and so easily. At that, Billy Crystal says, “The man ate bacon with every meal, you just can’t do that!”

Elements of Health in Roseville

With your body, there are five essential elements of health in Roseville you must follow:

  1. Maximize you Spine and nervous system care
  2. Maximize your Mind,
  3. Maximize your Nutrition,
  4. Maximize your Exercise,
  5. Minimized your Toxins……....all of these fall under Stress/life management.

The amount of processed, fake foods people are eating today is amazing. Few people ever go through a day and actually eat food at all three meals, if at all.  Instead, you are eating convenient foods opened from a package, retrieved from a fast food joint or bought at a gas station.

God created nutrition that is designed for easy digestion, assimilation and absorption of nutrients. Few of you ever eat these on a regular basis. The food you are eating does not supply any actual nourishment, which causes malnutrition, inflammation and real actual harm to the body over time.

Most people rarely exercise. Exercise — some sort of regular, sustained active movement — increases oxygen intake and improves your body’s ability to use and absorb oxygen. For some of you, exercise is actually an annual event. But by not exercising every 48 hours, you are literally suffocating your body over time. You are also underusing your muscles and organs, which speeds up atrophy and the aging process, making you old, sick, immobile, slow and soft early over time.

Stress typically overpowers people. Stress negatively changes the chemicals of your body, causing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar problems and dysfunction of every organ in your body over time.

Although 33 percent of the population has seen a chiropractor, only 7-12 percent regularly maintain their spine and nervous system. As a result, by the time someone walks into a chiropractor’s office, they are usually suffering. Upon X-raying the patient, the chiropractor typically finds multiple areas of the spine and nervous system that have become significantly misaligned and curves that are now lost. These problems in the spine and nervous system usually are due to accidents, slips, falls, poor posture, bad movement habits and/or hard working conditions that occurred over years. Now, over time, these areas have become damaged. Over time, this damage has caused pain. Over time, the effects of the spinal misalignment on the nervous system will cause organ dysfunction. Over time, organ dysfunction will become disease and an early death.

  • Poor nutrition over time…You Just Can’t Do That!
  • No exercise over time… You Just Can’t Do That!
  • Stress,  Toxicity and  Negative thoughts over time…You Just Can’t Do That!
  • Spinal misalignment over time…You Just Can’t Do That!

If you neglect any of these areas of health, it will kill you over time. In the game of life, one strike and you’re out!

In the Bible, God says, “My ways are above your ways,” and “My thoughts are above your thoughts.” You must take care of everything He has entrusted to you. Follow His ways, not their ways or your ways. Most Americans are trying to figure out how to get the biggest bang for their buck. They want to know how can they work less and make more. How can they sow less, but reap greater rewards.  But you’d best not steer off God’s course when it comes to your body. Do not cut corners, and expect to get away with it. You Just Can’t Do That!

“Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey the law, do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.”

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