Trash Can: Dirty vs. Clean

Trash Can: Dirty vs. Clean

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Have you ever been driving down the road and see a dead animal with maggots on it? The maggots did not jump into the air and kill the animal. The animal died first, and then the maggots were able to overcome. Many patients think that something killed or attacked the human being, therefore creating death. Well, it doesn’t occur that way.

The human being must die first or portions of our body are slowly dying, and then the bacteria and virus have more to eat.

Bacteria and viruses only go to weakened areas. For example, does a rat or fly go to a dirty trashcan or a clean one? Obviously, the rat is only going to go to a dirty trash can because there is nothing to eat in a clean trash can. Well, if you keep your body clean, meaning put in good food, keep it healthy, and keep the immune system working at the level it is supposed to, your tissues and organs will be strong, vibrant, and alive. The bacteria will be unable to eat living, strong, vibrant tissue at a fast rate.

When your tissue, cells, and organs become weakened, their redevelopment is slowed down tremendously, allowing bacteria and viruses to eat them at a faster rate. This is when you become overcome with the bacterial and viral infection, and then you get sick. So just remember to keep your trashcan — your body — as clean and healthy as possible, and the varmints can’t eat it up.

Just as light replaces darkness, health replaces dis-ease. America's "healthcare" system (really a disease care system) is so busy trying to "remove the darkness" that it almost completely ignores doing the things necessary to "turn on the light." Health comes from the Inside-out, NOT from the outside-in. Is it any wonder we rank at the BOTTOM of the industrialized nations in our health ranking? What will YOU do today to "turn on Your Health Light?"

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