Your Pain

Your pain

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Your Pain

The purpose of this paper is to address the pain that brought you to our Chiropractic and Wellness Center. As a patient, you already sat through a doctors’ report (some of your years or even decades ago). You understand the function of the human body and that all function, control, and healing comes from the brain and spinal cord. Each of you has a condition in your spine known as vertebral subluxation, which is interfering with a vital nerve impulse that ultimately is creating malfunction of tissue cell.

As enough tissue cells have malfunctioned and died, an area has now malfunctioned, and it has resulted in pain. You literally have come into the office in the third of four phases of a problem. The cause has been identified, which is the vertebral subluxation, and now, your chiropractor will be making specific adjustments for you. These will be different from others on tables next to you.

Your doctors’ hands are big enough to cover 4-14 vertebrae at a time (depending on persons age and size) but the force is applied to a specific spot, with specific force and specific direction with you guessed it a SPECIFIC PURPOSE. We will be checking your spine during the next three to 12 months to correct, stabilize, and maintain the vertebral subluxation, which is the actual reason you came into the office.

What brought you into my office was not necessary to correct the cause of the pain but to fix it. And as you should realize that your doctor will not be directing any treatments toward fixing your pain but correcting the cause that ultimately will allow your body to heal itself. Remember, however, that the chiropractor is human as well, and, having been in pain, wants this problem corrected quickly, as do you.

First, before any pain relief will occur through chiropractic, there must be enough adjustments to take the pressure off the nervous system. At times, this could take weeks or months. Every patient that comes into the office is different. There are patients who have experienced headaches, back pain, or health problems for 30 years of their lives (the cause of it however usually wasn’t felt for years or even more than a decade!), and after three adjustments, the pain went away.

Adjustments were continued for six to 12 months to correct the subluxation, but 95 percent of their office visits were given when they were pain-free. But this only happens for about 5 percent of the population.

The second type of patient that comes in has had problems for 10-30 years and maybe recommended for six to12-months of chiropractic treatment. They are adjusted 50 times during six or seven months before there is any pain relief because the problem was there for so long and the body is stubborn in correcting.

In addition, you continue to traumatize it by going on with your daily activities, such as work, sports, golf, etc. This also represents approximately 5% of the population. Very few patients get immediate relief and few take the whole recommendation period before there is a relief.

Chances are, you are in the 90 percent that will experience relief after enough repetitive adjustments during four and six weeks. You will start seeing a very noticeable change in your healing process. Please understand that none of you are alike.

God made us all different, and if you give your doctor of chiropractic enough time and have faith, the body will restore life, nerve flow will improve, the rebuilding of tissue cells will occur, the malfunction of the area that brought you to the office will begin to heal, and in the end, you will have a happy and healthy body. If you have any questions after reading this, please feel free to discuss them with your chiropractor.

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